Our Clients

Dana Black – Learning to Budget and Control Money

Dana Black

I have been working with Shawn and Fit CFO since October 2018. To say that he has changed my views on everything related to a business budget and what’s truly important about money is an understatement. Shawn has helped me get my budget under control. This has brought my family out of a negative cash flow situation and into a positive one. He has provided me with the education and implementation strategies needed to help me eliminate the unnecessary. He has also helped me make the necessary a priority, and has increased my confidence in my own money handling skills. If you are an entrepreneur in the nutrition and fitness industry, FIT CFO is the resource you need to help you protect the income you’re bringing in.

Anthony Shefferly – A New Perspective on Finances

Anthony Shefferly

Fit CFO has changed the way I see my finances and see money.

The program has allowed me to understand how to specifically pull different levers with finances in order to grow my business.  

The biggest impact and change that Fit CFO has provided me is showing me how to actually pay myself.  

Before working with Shawn, I was terrified to pay myself because of fear of going out of business.  Shawn and Fit CFO have changed my perception of how cash flow works and how to effectively make my efforts in the business a way to improve my life rather, than simply add more stress to it.  

The monthly investment is a non issue!  Being able to see the different accounts and what the money is actually doing is worth every dollar.  

Thanks so much! 

Livi Ron – Loving Financial Clarity and Less Stress!

Livi Ron

Working with Fit CFO has been a complete life changer. Before Fit CFO, I was trying to launch a business and do everything on my own and my finances were a total nightmare. Not only was my personal budget a mess, but I didn’t know the first thing about business finances. Shawn has completely taken over and helped me restructure EVERYTHING. I don’t worry about a single thing and he is always there for any question or concern I have. I seriously don’t worry about my finances at all, and it has been such a relief. 

Gaining financial clarity

Clarity is an understatement. Before Fit CFO, I was living in a state of ignorant bliss and just hoping things would ‘work out’. Now, I have a set plan. I understand what is going on and have clear and defined goals I’m working towards. 

Financial clarity brings rewards

My business revenue has more than tripled and more income means I need more financial help. I would be COMPLETELY lost without  Shawn and the Fit CFO team! 

I love how on each call, Shawn tells me exactly what I need to do, gives me clear action steps, and there is never any guess work. With everything we do together, he provides the reason and how it’s going to help me and my business in the long run. I don’t have to do any complicated math or spreadsheets. He makes budgeting and keeping track of business expenses so easy.

Worth the investment

Fit CFO is worth every single penny. I honestly don’t see myself operating my business without the Fit CFO team. From helping me manage my personal budget, to making sure my business finances/taxes are in line, they do everything. I am beyond happy with the investment I made and continue to make with Fit CFO. I would recommend them to every single business owner who wants to remove the hassle of finances from their lives.

Christy Campbell – Understanding Finances

Christy Campbell

Before working with Fit CFO, I always had this feeling in the back of my mind that I had no idea what was happening with my money.  I worried about taxes and stressed that I didn’t know if I could afford to re-invest in my business. Despite all of the time and money I invested in developing my coaching skills, I never once had learned any financial or budgeting skills.  Even my personal finances were more of a guess, and unplanned expenses or big purchase decisions were often made in the dark. Working with Fit CFO has changed all of that. By digging into the uncomfortable details and applying organization and sound financial planning, those stresses are gone.   I feel like I am able to do what I love (coaching) at a higher level because I have confidence that my business is on solid financial ground.

Understanding finances and planning for the future

By working with Fit CFO, I am saving for taxes and also for reinvestment.   Diving into my personal finances also shed light on places I was wasting money and overspending.   So, although there is an investment to work with Fit CFO, I make that back and more easily every month.

Because Fit CFO helped me organize my business, my expenses are consolidated into one place.   This simple change allows me to understand how much my business is spending and helps me create realistic and meaningful targets for profit and growth.  It doesn’t do much good to set a revenue goal if you don’t understand your expenses. This clarity helps me continue to profit and manage my expenses. Without this help, I probably would have assumed I was doing well, but actually been in a negative financial situation due to overspending or not saving for taxes correctly.

Clear steps for making progress

Shawn explains the action steps required to make progress.   Because these steps are so clear, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.   He briefly explains the purpose and the “financial” goal, but ultimately clarifies what needs to happen next to get there.   This is an incredibly valuable part of his coaching. You have a “to do” list each week that moves the needle … but isn’t so impossible that you give up.

I should’ve worked with Fit CFO sooner!

If you plan to grow your business and deliver more to your clients, you have to get your financial ducks in a row.  You can’t do what you love if everything crumbles at your feet or if financial stress impacts your relationships and day to day choices.   Every entrepreneur should have a Fit CFO in their life. My only regret is that I didn’t get to start with him before my business grew. Starting with him at the ground level would have saved me a significant amount of time and money and I highly recommend him!

Justin Murphy – Getting Business Finances Organized

Justin Murphy

Shawn was extremely helpful with helping me get my business and personal finances organized. As an entrepreneur, sometimes we’re forced to wear several hats in order to run the business. Luckily, finance was one of those hats that I was able to delegate. Not only did Shawn meet me where I was in my journey, he educated me and equipped me with the tools I need to be successful on my own. Thanks Shawn!

Kelly Collier – Learning How to be Financially Responsible

Kelly Collier

Before Fit CFO, my debt was out of control and increasing because I had zero awareness of what I had coming in and what I had going out. I hated money, so I didn’t WANT to know. Now, Shawn has completely organized both my personal and business finances. He has streamlined and simplified everything for me in a very non overwhelming way. Every month I know exactly how much I need to put where to save for my security fund, all my upcoming expenses, pay my taxes, and still pay down all my old debt as quickly as possible.

With Shawn’s insights and my new awareness, I am more eager to be financially responsible. I’m trying to win the game each month and set myself up for a successful future. I know my money is going where it needs to go. He advises me on smart business systems, and he consults with me when making purchasing decisions that could affect my future.

Working with Fit CFO makes sense for me because I know I got myself into a financial mess to begin with, so the only way to get out for good was to hand over all the reins to someone else who had my best interest in mind. The peace of finally not worrying about my money and having someone there to answer all my questions and give me sound advice is well worth the investment. My time and energy is better spent making it, than worrying about it! 


Mycal Anders – Taking Business to the Next Level

Mycal Anders

“Working with Fit CFO has helped me take my business to the next level by helping me strategically eliminate debt, and keep more money in the bank. They are as involved as you need them to be – from helping you track your profit and loss, to advising you on whether or not you should make a purchase right now or hold off until a better financial picture is painted. I have implemented the tactics and adopted the habits required of a savvy entrepreneur to finally commit resources to working ON business rather than IN my business. Fit CFO helped me achieve a level of financial freedom that got me out of the fight or flight mode of building a start up so that I can thrive rather than simply survive. Thank you to Shawn and his amazing team!!” – Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS

Sam Miller – On the Way to Financial Freedom

Sam Miller

I always seek to surround myself with elite experts that I can learn from. While this is especially true for nutrition or training, it’s an invaluable concept when it comes to your personal and business finance.

I was fortunate enough to meet Shawn and his FIT CFO team in person at an event in 2018. I could tell immediately that he was someone I wanted to work with and bring on to advise my company.  I actually let go of my then-current financial adviser to work with Shawn.

If you are expecting to hire Shawn and be posting pics laying on the hood of a Ferrari in 7 days, this isn’t the right fit for you. But, if you’re looking for savvy and sustainable financial wisdom that will carve a personal legacy of wealth, Shawn is your guy.

Shawn’s greatest contribution to my business was providing structure and oversight during a time period of intensive growth. He also encouraged me to pay myself a salary and make myself a W-2 for my company as an S-Corporation. Ultimately, it was one of many necessary steps for tax preparedness as well as personal financial freedom.

Passion will ignite your efforts, but dollars pay the bills. 

Fortunately for us, Shawn’s passion and efforts help to pay OUR bills.

Sam Noh – Appreciating a Financial Coach

Sam Noh

For the longest time, I ran my business by paying myself last. With any additional revenue, I would invest this money back into my business. I didn’t have a clear strategy on how to budget for my business and ran my business by the seat of my pants. The goal was to make more money each month, sign up more clients each month, and minimize attrition. These two metrics aren’t enough to run your business and not enough to make intelligent decisions for your business.

The beauty of budgets

With Shawn’s help, we’ve come up with a budget for payroll, marketing, professional development, and so forth. This gives me greater clarity on the state of my business, and how to make intelligent decisions moving forward, in order to continue to grow my business. Best of all, I’m able to pay myself first!

Benefits of a financial coach

So, what’s the difference between FIT CFO and tools like Quickbooks and an excel spreadsheet? Shawn holds you accountable to your numbers. His team does your books for you each month, so that you can focus on growing your business.  Signing up with a Quickbooks account or creating a profit loss statement are just tools. Tools are like cookie cutter meal plans, workout templates, and like a typical ‘gym membership’. When you hire Shawn, you’re hiring a coach for your bottom line, so that you can be profitable and continue to live the life that you deserve! 

Sammy Noh-Owner of Eagle Ridge Fitness

Sarah Pringle – From Struggling with Finances to Success!

Sarah Pringle

I’ve struggled with managing and handling finances my whole adult life. I tend to overspend and under save and it causes a huge amount of stress.  I knew these habits could not follow me into my business if I wanted to be successful. So, to have have Shawn’s guidance, accountability, expertise and the peace of mind that Fit CFO offers is so incredibly valuable.

Working with Fit CFO gives me confidence and clarity with my business finances. It has allowed me to see where my money is coming from and where it is going. Now I do not stress because I know we are planning and preparing for the future. 

Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing before I worked with Shawn. I couldn’t even tell you what my profitability was and I’m fairly certain I was pouring every dollar back into my company. I rarely paid myself. That has changed since working with Fit CFO. 

A clear, simple financial game plan

Shawn is masterful at simplifying financial topics and creating a game plan that is clear and easy to follow. When I bring financial questions to Shawn, he is thoughtful and thorough regarding his response.  

Hiring Shawn and the team at Fit CFO is worth the investment. The peace of mind knowing that my finances are well cared for, plus knowing he has the best in mind for me with all the moves we make moving forward is priceless.