Crappy fitness templates can be a lot like financial salespeople. Let me explain. We all know in the fitness space, the industry is loaded with companies, influencers, and coaches trying to sell their quick, life changing program that solves everyone’s problems.  As fitness professionals, we know that regardless of whether you’re overweight, skinny, athletic, or sedentary, this won’t work for long term results, but it still sells. Why? Because it’s sexy, and quick money can be made by over promising to the vulnerable.

What about a financial product?

Well, the financial industry is the same way! You’ll have a financial professional that will claim to solve all your problems with one product.  It’s not just you they are pigeon holing into a product – it’s everybody and anybody they can make a sale to. Most of the time, these are highly trained salesmen that know exactly what your objections will be.  In my 15 years in the industry, I know who gets wealthy when a product is sold, and it’s not you.

Entrepreneurs are now starting to make money, and now that YOU are, you’ll get introduced to so called, “financial professionals” throwing out catchy terms like TAX FREE, TAX SHELTER, GUARANTEED. This can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but you end up just being taken advantage off.

Research a financial product carefully before buying

Before purchasing anything, you need to do your homework and think about it.  During that time, you plan to seek advice from a trusted professional, someone that has nothing to gain monetarily from selling a product. If it’s the right thing for you, that professional will be happy to come back and meet again. Not all fitness templates are bad, just like not all financial products are not bad. The problem is, they are not meant for everybody and every situation.  As you all know, when money is involved, sometimes ethical people can make unethical choices. Therefore, you must protect yourself.

6 things to watch for to help you determine if you’re being “sold”: 

  1. Salespeople lead with a brochure, or they already have a brochure in their bag ready to come at you with, knowing what they are going to sell you. That, my friend is not an Advisor or Coach.
  2. Commission based product- You need to ask how they get paid. This will clear up a lot of concerns.
  3. Purchasing a contract that has restrictions on when you can access your money.
  4. Purchasing a product that has restrictions on how much money you can make.
  5. Be sure to check for the expenses and cost of a contract – know how much this is actually going to cost you.
  6. When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Bottom line: do your homework before being “sold” something. Unlike a crappy fitness template, purchasing an inappropriate financial product can cause damage to your finances for years to come. So, be smart before making a purchase that could last a lifetime. If it’s right for you, it will still be there for you to purchase after you’ve had time to consider everything.