Meet Shawn Hanquist

Fit CFO Shawn

The Fit CFO Mission

At Fit CFO my mission is simple: make your business profitable. Did you know that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs are living paycheck to paycheck? Just as many small businesses are going to fail within 10 years of starting their business. These statistics are unacceptable and we aim to change that through Fit CFO.

I have over 15 years of experience in the financial industry on top of having a huge passion for health and fitness. That’s why I choose to only work with health and fitness entrepreneurs. Fit CFO’s #1 concern is profitability, NOT just revenue!

Fit CFO Financial Principles

After overcoming a failing business of my own, I learned a lot about what makes a business fail and what makes it profitable. Luckily, I had the opportunity to take those lessons and make my other businesses profitable, completely changing the game. Gratefully, I now get to work with people and companies like yours to make them profitable.  I do this by working with your expenses, reviewing financial statements, implementing cash management systems, and most importantly, keeping you accountable.

At Fit CFO we believe that every successful business should be guided by its primary financial principles. Here are the general financial principles we believe in (don’t worry, we will guide you through these once you begin working with us):

    1. Pay yourself a fair wage – you can’t achieve personal or business finance goals without YOU getting paid.
    2. Know where you’re at – don’t stick your head in the sand and just hope for your financial problems to someday work themselves out.
    3. Know your tax situation and be prepared for it.
    4. Stay within your debt spending limit – don’t put yourself into debt you’ll never be able to crawl out of (we work with you on specific numbers for these).
    5. Just like your fitness goals, have your financial goals within reach – create them, know them, and work to achieve them.

We make your finances simple

Fit CFO isn’t your ordinary, boring, and overly wordy accounting or financial institution, where you have to sit and listen to terms you’ve never heard of. At Fit CFO we make your finances simple and your goals attainable. We also break things down so they are understandable to you.

Do you actually know your numbers? Your return on investments, marketing, and employees? Do you know if you’re profitable or will be able to have money to pay taxes? What about unexpected costs, or an investment opportunity that you may need cash for? We have found that most entrepreneurs are not prepared for things, but we are here to help with that.